The Dyson DC14 is nothing short of SPECTACTULAR!! I pride myself on having a very clean home. In August 2007, I was extremely happy that my new home had central vac already installed, which we have been using regularly and faithfully for the past year. We were really not in the market for a vacuum at this time. However, we were lucky enough to win a Dyson DC14 - and I was eager to try it out. MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR when I observed the "stuff" that was still in the carpeting that the Dyson had picked up!! We run a home daycare and vacuum with the central vac daily - but no longer! My Dyson DC14 is my new best friend. We immediatly noticed a difference in the carpeting, as well as the air quality. The extender on the vacuum is also a huge +++ for reaching high areas with ease. This product seems like it was built by someone with convenience in mind. Should you buy one? There is no doubt in my mind about that! Thanks Dyson and Home Stars! Regards, Myron and Shelley Smith

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