The actual plumbing service was fantastic. The plumber was prompt, courteous and professional. Our broken instant hot water dispenser tank was replaced. The problem started when I received my bill. I was charged $869.53 for a part I purchased for approx $270 three years ago. I knew there had to be something wrong with the price. But to be sure the tank had not actually tripled in price, I googled the part and indeed, the price had not tripled. So I called A-1 to say there must be an error as the price I was charged for the tank seemed ridiculously high. The very ignorant person who took my call sarcastically said "Well, that's your opinion". Turns out A-1 tried to charge me for a hot water dispenser I never got replaced. The tank itself was only $388.77!! A-1 tried to overcharge me by $500!! It was a complete hassle dealing with A-1. The person in charge of my account kept quoting the wrong price for the part so I finally had to call the supplier myself and put Jose in touch with him. I will be recommending to my friends NEVER to use A-1. If you use them, CHECK YOUR BILL.

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