About 4 years ago,I had floor to ceiling curtains made by Eurofab. The curtains closed across my patio entrance and another matching set was installed over my big bay window. After years of people and dogs running in and out of the patio, the inside panels on the patio entrance started to rip. I took a little snippet down to Eurofab to see if there was a chance that they still had the same material available to fix the patio curtains. No - they didn't carry that particular colour anymore. I had to face the realization that I probably had to replace all the curtains in both locations. Then Karen called from Eurofab and said that they had found some remaining matching material way up in the remnant section. I took in my patio curtains and the two ripped panels were replaced. The fix was done in 4 days and the cost was unbelievably reasonable. You cannot tell the difference from old panels and the replacement ones. Woohoo. Eurofab was gracious, detailed, and very helpful. Thank you to Karen and everyone at Eurofab.

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Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We are so glad that you are happy with the outcome and will be sure to share your comments with Karen.

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