Our natural garden was overrun with weeds and we became too overwhelmed to get it back to normal. Chaz was great. She came to the house and assessed the situation and provided us with three different options to fix up our garden ranging from fast (expensive) to gradual (more reasonable investment amortized over the summer). We chose the latter and Chaz and crew were true to their word and diligent at weeding out the trouble areas so that by the end of the summer our garden looked like a garden again. We even got to the point where we could plant new plants near the end of the season. We're looking forward to engaging Chaz and crew again this season to help us keep our gardens in tip top shape for ourselves and our neighbours to enjoy :)

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Company Response

Thanks GardenGuy! It's very rewarding to bring a garden back and get rid of weeds.. But it does take deligence and time.