On February 9th I called this company to book a service for my Baxi Boiler, I was asked to call back on the 10th when Anthony would be in-front of the computer to see the schedule. I informed him on BOTH days that we were only available on Tuesdays as we live in Edmonton but our condo is in Airdrie. We were booked for the 13th @ 9 am. Then on the 12th I got a message from Anthony saying that they had moved our appointment to Wednesday the 14th. Again I made it clear we were ONLY available for Tuesdays. The new date was February 20th @ 9am. My husband left Edmonton @ 5am to ensure he was in the condo for 9, shortly before 9 the tech Jason called my husband to ask him if he could move the appointment to the last call of the day b/c he lived in Airdrie and he didn't want to make his day longer. Excuse me?????? Again we don't live in Airdrie and we could ensure we were there on time. Jason arrived closer to 10 am. He refused to run a diagnostic on my boiler he insisted it was malfunctioning. How do you know that when you haven't actually done anything? He said we would need to have a cleaning BEFORE he could even try to run a check on it and it would cost $2000.00. He suggested that we just replace the unit b/c we could pay $2000 and just find out it needs replacing anyway which would cost $10 000.00. He advised my husband they had no units in stock and would get back to him. Magically later that day he had 2 units available and suggested we jump on it. Ummmm no! On the 22nd I got a call from Becky asking for my email address so she could send me the invoice for Jason gracing us with his presence. I got the email with the bill but no quote. I responded asking for the quote which I was give $9500.00 not including taxes and no break down of labour vs material. Uhhhh WTF?! So I asked for a break down and was provided it on the 23rd. Since Tuesday I have spoken to 2 other plumbers/gas-fitters and have been informed that regardless if the boiler was indeed malfunctioning they can still preform the Combustion Performance Analysis. It's like the computer the hook up to your car to tell you whats wrong. So again not sure how Jason could say that my boiler needs replacing when he didn't try to do anything. It's like a doctor saying ah you need a kidney transplant 'cause I got a feeling. I would suggest you don't use this company and if you do ensure you get a 2nd opinion or 3rd like I did.

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