On Feb 6th we had technician out to our house to look at our Maytag washer. It had quit on me on the evening of Feb 2nd. No issues with the technician, he looked at the washer and told my husband he needed to order parts and that it would take 3 business days. I called Feb 12th in the afternoon to see if part was in and when to expect my washer to be fixed. The lady in office told me a part had not been ordered and that she would get a rush on it and would call me back that same afternoon with information for me. No call back. I called Feb 13th in the morning to see if she had information to learn that she got busy and forgot. No problem these things happen. So she said she will take a look into it and call me right back. Again no call back. I called that afternoon to get the answering machine several times. I left a message before they closed for the day and also had called Maytag to see if they could help. Maytag sent an email. Feb 14th I called again at around 940am. She apologized once again which did not seem sincere she admitted fault but again did not seem to care. She put me on hold while calling Maytag came back about 6 min later to tell me she was on hold but did not want to let me go as that would result in possibly another missed call back from her. I could not wait as I to was at work. I told her I would call back , she told me to give it an hour. When I finally got a hold of her again was told the part would be another 3 days. So this would mean another weekend of not being able to use a washing machine. I am a family of 5 and going into 3 weekends of no laundry being done. I have never experienced this with any other appliance repair company. I am now having to take many loads to the laundry mat to be done which will cost more money out of pocket being that we have to pay for the service call. Not happy that we were put off the 3 days we were originally told and another week of no part here. Customer service that was provided here was terrible and we still are waiting on the part to arrive. I am extremely frustrated and I do not believe I would recommend this company.

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