We have National Capital Irrigating and Hydroseeding perform hydroseeding on our property this past summer. When discussed over the phone we were under the impression at the 5K price tag that they would ensure the soil was good to go before seeding. The end product involved a lot of cactus like weeds throughout our property which were not there prior to the seeding and grass which is patchy throughout and not consistent. As well they spilled some seed on our driveway and it began to grow better than the actual grass. Really displeased with the product and end result, would recommend seeding yourself over this company.

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Company Response

I’m sorry to hear that your lawn has not grown as well as you expected. We hydroseeded your property on September 6, 2017. It would have been helpful if you had contacted us anytime in the fall after the seeding to raise your concerns. Your review on February 16, 2018 first brought your concerns to my attention. I wrote to you via email that day, offering to inspect your property this spring with the aim of helping you get a great looking lawn. You have not replied.

This review mentions a spill of seeds on the driveway. We try to avoid any spillage and I would have had that cleaned up had I been told about it.

Concerns about “cactus like weeds” growing do not arise from hydroseeding. We only use weed-free No. 1 government certified seed and we are always happy to show the customer the products as they are loaded into our equipment. Regrettably, weeds can be an issue where poor quality top soil is brought in by a homeowner ahead of having us hydroseed.

Hydroseeding does have risks. Insufficient watering is a major one, while application on poor quality topsoil limits how well the lawn will ultimately do. When corresponding with customers and potential customers we provide information that, if followed, will help them achieve a wonderful lawn. We routinely see beautiful lawns that have started with our hydroseeding.

I have been in business for 15 years. This is the first negative review. We always deal honestly and fairly with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services we provide. As I stated in my reply to TiffC the day she complained, I am ready to meet with her in the spring to assess her lawn and help her achieve a great looking lawn. I await her email or call.

Craig de Schneider
National Capital Irrigation & Hydroseeding