On december 2, 2017 i purchased a sectional couch and was told it would be ready in 6 to 8 weeks. I received a call 6 weeks later stating the is ready to be picked up. I went and got the couch Jan 13, 2018 brought it home to find out this was the wrong couch. I was told by joanne they will order the correct couch and try to get it done 4-6 weeks. I contacted joanne to find out the couch is not going into production until march and on march 12 the couch will be done. Having to wait 4 months is rediculous and now i want a full refund. I have requested to speak to the owner but no one has contacted me or will reply to my email.

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Company Response

Hi Kim, I will respond the same way as I have in all our emails back-and-forth

You are correct we made an error and delivered the wrong sofa January 13, and for that I do apologize.

On January 14 we both agreed that we would re-order the correct sofa, and joanne did say we would try to have it in 4 to 6 weeks, not the normal 7 to 9 weeks lead time.
But we did not promise or guarantee this, we simply said we would try to get it quicker, and that you agreed with.

When you called and we told you it would be a March 12 delivery which would be almost 8 weeks from January 13, you were very upset and wanted a refund.
We then made some phone calls to the manufacture, and we were able to get the delivery date moved up to Friday, March 2

In my last email to you, I guaranteed you Friday, March 2 delivery or I would refund your entire purchase.
Friday, March 2 delivery will be exactly 6 weeks and four days past the original January 13 delivery.

Once again I do apologize for the original error and we will see you this Friday.

Thanks for your business and all your patience

Jeff Reynolds