Casati didn't install the pump for the HE furnace and flooded my basement, they came back after i complained. 3 months later when i went to change my filter i found out they didn't intall a filter. 4 yrs later i find they didn't install a chimney liner required by gas code and i was given 45 days to rectify or they cut off my gas in feb'18. After 1.5 months of waiting for it to be warm enough for Casati to intall the liner (my hot water heater wasn't working properly so on/off hot water as i couldn'tget a new one due to the liner xmas - feb4) , they weren't able to install the legally gas code  required liner they should have installed before my furnace and i had to change my hot water heater to a doubly expensive direct vent version or have my gas cut off.  They left this mess on my brand new basement floorin. And accused me of being  rude to them when they tried to move the appt to clean it up feb 7th. It never happened. I would avoid this company at all costs.

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Company Response

The customer was referred to us by her father who we had installed a furnace for previously as well. From the beginning, we had therefore only dealt with her father who was present during the customer's furnace installation. The customer wasn't home at that time. When we installed the furnace, we did also installed a new condensate pump beside it, at no charge to the customer (regularly $150). We have no record of being notified that there was any flooding. Regarding the filter, we have no record of the client notifying us that it was not provided to her by us during the furnace installation.

Regarding the chimney liner, we tried to install it at no cost again, but were unable to because the construction of the interior chimney has a blockage (the tiles are offset) and does not allow for the installation of the chimney liner; therefore, the customer had no choice but to go with a power-vented water heater. We offered the customer a reduced rate on a new PV water heater to help her out with cost and she said she would let us know what she decides. The was the last we heard about it.

In and around Feb. 3, we received an email with a photo claiming that our technicians left the basement floor untidy. That same day, on a Saturday, we contacted the customer to let her know that we're giving her the benefit of the doubt, and without asking our technicians what happened, we offered in good faith, to send our technician to clean the customer's floor and also to do a maintenance service for her furnace for free (value $125). We scheduled Wednesday, Feb. 7 for 2pm. On that day, the weather conditions were poor so we contacted the customer 2 hours in advance to notify her that our technician may possibly be delayed due to the weather. The customer started yelling at our rep, using inappropriate language, and advised that we better be there by 2pm "or else". She would not accept any delay and continued to verbally berate our rep.

After the owner had heard how the customer had verbally mistreated his staff over and over again, he called the customer himself to speak to her and she began yelling at him as well, not allowing any conversation to take place. At that point, the owner decided to cancel her appointment due to her uncooperative behaviour. She was also advised that we do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour toward our staff and we will no longer service her.