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Bought a patio set one week ago and came home to find the glass table top had exploded and shards of glass are now all over my backyard. Called customer service who told me must have been the wind, you must have done something to it, there's no way it's a faulty table, we're not giving you a new table, we're not reimbursing you, and my favourite: the Manager of the store said he has the contact number of a guy who can cut you new glass on the cheap. LIVID. I had to bombard Home Depot's social media to get any response, and even now they're fighting me on the week old, never been used patio set I still have the receipt for and the best part is the set is supposed to have a 1-year warranty! Amazing. Home Depot, way to suck hard. I'll be that little pebble in your shoe until this is solved properly. Thank god my family wasn't hurt by exploding glass.

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