First Review


Contracted early September 2009 for completion/delivery Jan/Feb 2010. They did basement in December 2009...did not even start RTM until Feb. 2010! Ongoing problems getting costs & documentation for extras. RTM not delivered/installed on foundation until end of JUNE 2010. Occupancy not until end of September 2010 and that was with temporary counters, sinks and taps throughout. Had to hold a substantial holdback in order to ensure contracted work actually completed. Permanent counters, sinks & taps not installed until Christmas week 2010. Contracted New Home Warranty NOT turns out that sometime in February 2010 they were no longer a member of the warranty provider while telling us in March that they were. Problems still remain...they refuse to give date/time to correct. While Rob is a good carpenter, work & product quality inconsistent and management of subs poor; work of some subs was mediocre at best (e.g., LOTS of nail pops, paint, electrical, plumbing, & window installation problems in basement, failure to provide warranty information, installing "old" products they happened to have available). Our original expectations were based on what we saw of partially constructed homes; design/look and "how" they built we liked; could not find any reviews of this contractor. We never, ever expected to have these problems; nor the stress and added costs due to late delivery/occupancy (e.g., having to find temporary accommodation, board horses, extra travel costs, furniture storage costs). Cost above does NOT include services (water/well, septic, power, gas) and some items we ended up purchasing ourselves (e.g., better hot water tank, better light fixtures, appliances) but does include extras such as enlarged deck & higher end finishing, extra wood airtight F/P. We purchased appliances for house in Sept 2009 so builder wanted to have specs (they wanted info/decisions right away & we tried to accommodate)...kept having to delay it turned out it was 13 MONTHS after initial purchase before we even used them. On the positive side, the builder did fix the access road damaged because of their late delivery of the house and they did manage to deliver/install the RTM on the foundation without incident which was a challenge; they appear to have done a great job building the deck; and they did fix about 85-90% of the problems we least while we still held a substantial holdback. And they did do some nice/appreciated extras such as take & provide pictures of the "move".

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