We purchased a Large Cream Coloured Sectional Sofa and Futon from Welco 3 1/2 Years ago (August 2014) for $2000 +. The Service by Al and Bobby was reasonable and both the Sectional Sofa and Futon were delivered as arranged and appeared to look very durable. We were told that the Material was more durable than Leather and Made in Canada. UNFORTUNATELY, the Sectional Sofa stated to peel off within 2 years in small flakes and pieces ALL OVER the floor, our Clothes, Hair etc. Lord only knows what this material is made of. They assured us that the SOFA was made in Canada, which we now doubt. When we called to complain, Jesse told us that they no longer manufacture this material and the ONE (1) Year Warranty is OVER. Jesse did not offer us any alternatives with respect to OUR LOSS. As such, AFTER only 3 1/2 Years, we have to BUY a NEW SECTIONAL SOFA. BUYER BEWARE!

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