I called Costas and told him about my AC unit dripping water after it has been running for a few hours. He sent out an employee by the name of Mark. Mark inspected the unit and could not resolve the issue. He suggested I call Costas and work something out because he couldn't find the root cause of why water was dripping from the unit. I called Costas a couple of hours later and he promised he would personally come out and inspect the AC unit free of charge. To this day Costas has never returned my calls or messages, so we could set up the time and day of the second inspection. Costas is not a man of his word. Stay away because a person/company is only as good as their word!

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Company Response

Good evening Patricia,
I'm sorry for not being able to get back to you. It appears that your message hasn't come through on the voicemail or email.
I am more than happy to come out at no charge to inspect the AC system and make sure your system is working exactly as it should.
We do not operate our business like that and we are a honest company and try to work with all our customers to make sure everything is working exactly the way it's suppose to by the manufacturer.
I'd be more than happy to set something up at your earliest convince.
Thanks, have a great day.

Costas Kyprianou
Omega Heating & Air Inc.


I now feel much safer moving into my new home; knowing that Deluxe Alarms watches over my property while I'm not home. This gives me that added peace of mind all home owners seek. Amanda's assistance made the registration process simple, quick and easy to understand.

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