i wish there were an option to leave no stars. we used these losers on december 1, 2017. a few months in advance, i had emailed them to inquire whether they could disassemble and then reassemble an ikea unit (the expidit wall unit), i included a pdf of the instructions and they told me both over the phone and via email that they could definitely do that. cut to moving day: they took apart the unit as if they were a demolition crew. they cracked boards and just made a general mess of things. when we arrived at the new place, they were struggling to put it together again. keep in mind that i had provided them with the instructions and they had offered me assurances that it would be no problem. putting it back together, they cracked even more boards, put the wrong screws into the wrong places...all while charging me by the hour. at this point, i'd had enough so i told them to get out. the unit was toast. absolutely unusable. the only thing it would be good for at this point is kindling. let's not forget the fact that they scratched the floors, too. pretty deep into the wood at that. $662 well spent. so i called their number and spoke to a guy. he said to me "let me speak to my guys and i'll call you back". today, a month later...still no call back. so i call them and i ask "how long can it possibly take to speak to 4 guys and call the customer back?" they had no answer. now they tell me that "well it's ikea, and sometimes it's hard to put together." no duh, buddy. that's extactly why i asked them in october if they could do it. when i said that to whoever picked up he told me "hey (colorful language goes here) you" and hung up on me. if you're considering using these guys, don't. you're better of just throwing your money into the garbage.

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