I hired them to install a window with a specific deadline of Thursday. He had someone come to dig out the yard so that the concrete could be cut. Tuesday he arrives with the cutter. The hole was not dug deep enough (he said 20" more required). He said he thought he had left the fellow with specific enough instructions, which tells me that the guy digging the hole had never done it before, and Dave did not bother to verify his work prior to the concrete cutter arriving. So the concrete cutter could not proceed. Said they would come back Wednesday. Wednesday he called me to say the cutter did not show up. I asked him for the phone number of the cutter so that I could discuss the urgency of the situation with them. He said he would text it to me, but never did. Then he wouldn't return my calls. My assumption is that he did not want to provide the cutters number because he was not telling the truth about them not showing up. I believe he did not want to take the time to dig the additional 20" so that the cutter could come on Wednesday. Problems: Didn't verify his employees work when he knew this job had a deadline. Didn't follow through with providing me the cutters phone number Didn't return my calls thereafter. Two days before the deadline he told me that the company cutting the concrete did not show up and he wouldn't be able to complete my job until Monday

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