Had this company extrude 85 feet of concrete borders around my flower beds. Within only a few months thirteen cracks appeared in different areas of the curbing. Only two cracks are within the cut expansion joints designed to accommodate cracks. Called the company back and found they were no longer in business as were the other two Curb-Ease franchisees in Ontario. Wonder why? When I contacted the franchisor, I was originally promised satisfaction once they were able to sell other franchises in Ontario. After one year still no franchises sold in Ontario (wonder why?) and franchisor was not responding to numerous telephone calls and emails. In frustration I filed a statement of claim in Ontario Small Claims Court. At the settlement conference the franchisor insisted that cracking is not covered under warranty (i.e. There is no warranty for this product.). After 90 minutes of pleading before a judge, the franchisor insisted he had no liability and offered me $350 for settlement of the claim. If you have these extruded curbs installed on your property enjoy them ASAP because based upon my experience they will crack and the company will not warranty cracks.

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Purchased stone for new driveway, side and back patios from a very reputable manufacturer family owned and operated and two years later went back to purchase sealer. They sold me Seal King brand sealer in five gallon pails at approximately $160 per pail. The stone manufacturer recommended this sealer for use on their stone. Followed all the manufacturer's instructions in the application including using Seal King brand cleaner to clean up a couple of oil stains. Cleaner did not work well - used an entire can on just a few stains and stains were still visible. Following the application of Seal King Sealer in late summer, driveway looked great : wet look, colour of stone enhanced, oil stains no longer visible due to darker colour of stone. By early Spring the driveway stone had returned to a dull faded colour and oil stains were once again visible. Paid $1, 000 for products and three days of labour to prepare driveway (power wash, clean out old joint sand and apply new EnviroSand) but wet look on driveway disappeared within seven months (September - March.). Furthermore new oil stains appeared on stone and absorbed by stone which means not only did the stone no longer have the wet look but it was not sealed. Addressed issues with owner of company and reply was "no guarantees." Total cost for having wet look on stone and possibly sealed : $1, 000 divided by seven months = $142 / month not counting days stone was covered with snow or already wet .

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John Mondino provided excellent advice re: new garage door and very honest. Sandra was very accommodating in scheduling install. Best pricing based upon three quotes. Exemplary installation work by Alex.

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Hello Perry, Today Greg completed the renovations to both washrooms at our home. Please know that the work he did was very well done. He maintained attention to detail, was precise and meticulous in all the various types of work he did and always enquired if it was to our satisfaction. When he encountered problems with replacing the faucet in the lower level washroom he was resourceful in seeking out the required part and persisted until the job was done with absolutely no leaks. Thank you for sending us such an expert trades person to renovate our washrooms. Since your first visit to our home to provide us with an estimate you gave me the impression of being competent and very knowledgeable in home renovations. You provided me with some excellent suggestions and your pricing was very detailed but yet also very competitive. Throughout the process of the work being done you were quick to respond to my emails and phone calls enquiring about aspects of the job and pricing for changes. Even though unforeseen problems were encountered while completing the job, your pricing for additional costs were fair and competitive. Thank you for a job well done; I would not hesitate in considering The Renovators of Canada for future projects and recommending your company to others. Joe

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Company Response

HI Joe, Thank you for your notes - Greg and I enjoyed working with you. You were also very fair and easy to deal with. We would be happy to work with you in the future.