Edit: Jesse contacted us a couple of days after this review was posted, his team came days later to offer a couple of solutions to the issues we were having, fence brackets were installed, making it more sturdy. Original review: Jesse, I’m trying to reach out to you, by all means, phone, email, text and you just don’t answer anything. It’s very disrespectful and not professional after you have told us you’ll come and fix the issues almost two months ago. We paid on time and we don’t understand why is it so hard for you to communicate back to us and fix what we are asking for. The pictures attached show how detail their work is.

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Julian and Carolina
We spoke on many occasions and I told you that the one board you have an issue with we will come and replace even tho it is due to the post twisting. I also had a conversation with you before you gave me final payment about the board and you said " it's ok we are good with it cause it was an 1/8th of an inch.

Im very sorry you feel you had to go this route but I spoke to you this past Friday and said I would send a guy over today to have it replaced and they are in the way.

Not happy with customer as you have been in my carpenters way the whole time he was building the fence and even battled with him as we had the property survey and showed you the whole time.


Josh exceeded our expectations! He is a nice person, an incredibly hard-working man, committed, and very detail-oriented, he finished the job on time and overperforming. We are more than happy with the results, even, our neighbors are looking forward to working with him on their upcoming projects. The quotes he delivered were very detailed, we were able to understand the material required and the activities involved.

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Thank you very much, Julian! I enjoyed working with you on this project. Hope you enjoy your deck!