Called Dennis from his full page ad in the Yellow pages, (yes I still use that book sometimes!) He was from the first meeting to the end very attentive and professional. He was "spot-on" for the cost of the paint and in his timing of how long the job would take. He and his assistant Daryl were hard working, detailed oriented and helpful even when they had to move some furniture. They painted almost 3/4 of my home and the job was excellent in terms of how fresh and clean it made my 15 year old home again. I would gladly recommend them to all my friends and family. Dennis was patient when necessary and went above and beyond what he was contracted for originally. I hope they still have the two classic hot wheels cars I gave them as an extra award!

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Company Response

Thanks Gordon. it was a pleasure working in your home .had fun


I contacted this company in June of this year, (2011), one of their salesperson arrived in uniform, (her name is Jackie), she measured and told me the price and I agreed, signed the contract and she insisted on a $300.00 Cash deposit. I gave her the cash and she informed me that the job would start 3 weeks from when I signed the contract, (which was June 6th) I waited the 3 weeks and no-one showed up and no calls from the company. I begin to call them and the salesperson. After dozens of calls, I received one phone call from their office telling me that they would show up on the week of July 11th. I waited again, no-one showed up during that week and no-one called from their company. I begin to call them dozens of times again, and Jackie finally leaves me a message on my answering service that they will come to do the job on July 25th. No-one showed up or called on that day. Again I called them dozens of times and I get a phone call from Ron telling me that he will show up this Thursday to do the job. I also received a call from their office telling me they would show up on the Wednesday July 27th! Jackie, the salesperson, got angry with me that I was calling her all the time and she told me to leave her alone! As of today, no-one from this company has shown up to do this job and I don't believe they ever will arrive. This makes me think that I have been scammed by the old bait and switch. Take cash money for a job and never show up! I am going to sue them in small claims court and also contact the BBB. I want my $300.00 returned to me immediately, so I can hire another more honest company that will actually do the job! Thanks for all your help Homestars! UPDATE! Within hours of posting the above review, I had a call from Ron saying how sorry he was for the long wait to start my job and that he would be at my jobsite this morning! Hours after my first post here, I had the skids of interlock delivered yesterday in the late afternoon. Today a crew of 10 strong young men arrived at my home at 7:30 a.m. All I can say about them is WOW! They did an EXCELLENT job of interlocking my driveway from start to finish! They did it in an amazing 4 hours time! They were all very professional, polite, and they knew exactly how to lay brick on a driveway, using very presise techniques! They were a well oiled team, very impressed with them all! Despite what I stated earlier about Jackie, my salesperson, she too came through for me in the end and was very professional and courteous and came by my house about 3/4 of the way into the job to make sure it was going smoothly and to my liking! She even gave me a free bottle of red wine at the end of the job to celebrate my new driveway! She followed up with another phone call also when all the crew had left to see if I had any more concerns or needs and assured me that the left over skid of bricks would be removed next week. It should be also noted here that it was Jackie's idea to install the 2 circle bundles on my driveway and it looks fantastic! Thanks Jackie! It was a long wait to get this job done, (7 weeks) but in the end it was worth it! Thanks Sure-Loc for a job well done!

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Martin was professional during the initial "selling" process and was honest that he felt I didn't need an entire roof/shingle replacement job, and when his man showed up and replaced approx. 1 1/2 bundles of shingles I was a little worried that he missed some spots as he did the job while it was raining. After he left and I paid Martin, I did notice that several shingles were indeed not replaced that should have been that were missing. I called Martin and he left me a message that he would send his man back to finish the job. I waited for over a month and he NEVER showed up again and Martin ignored all my phone calls. Buyer Beware!! Don't pay until you know your job is 100% complete!! Success! I finally received a phone call from the Owner of this company, Martyn, over the weekend, and this morning he sent his roofer to finish the job of replacing the blown off shingles. He came at 8a.m. today and finally finished the job! Martyn explained that he was out of our country, for the past 7 weeks tending to his ailing Father, (who he says has just recently passed) and he is back now and he was concerned about the previous review I left and about his customer service reputation through HomeStars. Despite the very long wait, he has come through and for me maintained his good customer service. While I feel very bad about his loss, he might be thinking about having anyone else from his company take his calls and reply to them to avoid any possible future misunderstandings or miscommunications. But overall, Martyn has been professional and has assured me that he will be there for me if there are any more problems! Thanks!

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