Our large tree had been dying for a few years and limbs had to come down to avoid danger to adjacent house and grandchildren. Jamie was spot on with integrity, manners, and time. He was more than competitive and completed the work without a hitch, objection, or regret. That says a lot coming from a senior citizen couple. Thanks again Jamie. North York, ONT

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ECOSMART HOME SERVICES owned by Stephen W....BUYER BEWARE ! After the furnace install was completed, they refuse to honor their warranties offered and supplied in writing under contract, and refuse to make a necessary service call. I purchased a new two-stage furnace in 2013. When I called for service many of times, they do not answer the phone directly. They call back at their will and discretion. After many messages they called back and unequivocally said that they would not honor their warranty and I could take them to small claims court, if I liked. My Opinion... misrepresenters, white collar criminals !

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