We requested quotes from several Duct Cleaning Services on Homestars, while most emailed back only City Duct Cleaning called. I found that most would be several weeks before they could schedule a convenient day but City was available the following week. The lady on the phone - Danielle - was pleasant and helpful. The day before they were to arrive, Danielle called to confirm and I asked to ensure they would protect the carpet where the vacuum host would travel in the house and that all the vents would be covered during the cleaning. She noted they normally do not put down anything for the vacuum but was request this. She did confirm they would be covering the vents during the cleaning. The day of the cleaning, the technician arrived as scheduled (I was out, my wife was home). Apparently he started setting up outside before even coming to the door to confirm he was at the right place. He did put down some mats for the vacuum (good) and covered all the vent (good) but only used newspaper with duct tape to cover the cold air returns and did not realize there was one in the basement. I came home as he was finishing. When removing the newspaper/tape on the cold air returns, some of the paint came off. I let the technician know that he really should be using painters tape. After he left, I asked my wife if he had follow the proper procedure of keeping the all vents covered while cleaning one. She noted he would go to a vent, remove the cover, clean the vent and then move on to the next one without replacing the cover. When I inspected the vents, we found dirt and dust around them, resulting in us having to clean the entire house. We called the company twice to express our concern and both times were told the owner would call us back. It has been several weeks and they still have not called us back. Not a customer service focus! Now we realize they were available as others have learned they lack this focus and we will not make the same mistake again. It appears their focus is on getting paid.

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