I used this service for air duct cleaning. Although staff and work performed on site was good, the customer service from management staff after completion was abysmal at best. The power of the unit ended up frying a circuit in my electrical panel and although the original staff had advised that their policy was to "leave the house in the condition that they found it", the office staff was no help at all when I asked them to pitch in the cost of an electrician to remedy the problem. For a week, I had no power in our living room and my home office area due to the burnt out circuit. I was originally told by the manager Vic that they would send a licensed electrician over on their dime to investigate, and after waiting several days, Michelle the other manager weaseled out of the agreement. I guess "dealing in good faith" means nothing to this company. Not wishing to have my household held for ransom any longer, I contacted my own electrician and paid for the work. An issue that was caused 100% by Fully Completely. The work by service staff on site impressed me, but due to the deceit of management at the office, a normally excellent review has become a rant unfortunately. If you want to enter an agreement with this company to proceed with work and in doing so, have 100% confidence that should anything go south, that they will have your back, DO NOT deal with this company! Once your bill is paid, your concerns mean nothing to them.

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