I'm not happy and I will never use this company again. They came to my place to fix a cracked vent line that needed to be replaced. They installed about 20 feet of 3"*12 Ft ABS with ABS SANI TEE, ABS Elbow, Coupling. I don't discuss the Labor which is fair to me and the tech (Anthony) was very professional and did a good job, Thanks to him. The problem I have with that company is what they charge for parts (more than 4 times than what they should have cost). The initial invoice had $883.73 for parts; for 20 Ft of ABS they charged $515.20 which is 25.76 / foot, that is insane! After my first call to complain, they decided to reduce the price by $200. I called again this morning, they stated they can reduce by another $100 and cannot go any lower. But do you realize they charge 55$ for an 8X8 access panel which costs $12 at HD or Rona, 1-1/2 coupling $36.74 (3.90 at HD or Rona), etc.... You guys are just too greedy

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Repair on siding and roof. You guys are rock. Thank you again, your help is much appreciated

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Thank you for the review. Gutter Doctor