I purchased a house with ancient tiles that were old and in need of replacement. When looking for a solution I wanted something that was child durable, long lasting and nice to look at. I discovered Unique Surface Solutions. The owner Huba was amazing. He took his time and explained the process, the pros and cons of different flooring solutions including hardwood, tiles and the concrete. I chose the concrete. I had really high hopes and expectations for this floor and this exceeded what I imagined. Price wise it met our budget, it is flexible in terms of colors to chose from and finishes, it was complete within 3 days, it is fire resistant, water proof, mold and mildew proof, easy to keep clean, it went on top of the existing flooring, so there was no need to start removing the tile and vinal, it does not need the tender care and maintanance that hardwood would require, and will endure anything an active toddler can dish out! I can't wait for everyone I know to see it! Unique Surface Solutions is the only way to go!

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