Home Owner(s) Beware Mastermind Construction had all the appeal for very structured and organized company with a great spokesman “Owner of Company” Allot of positive features to protect Homeowner ensuring there satisfaction and efficiency via Website and Facebook page. We were promised allot of bells and whistles “Even a complimentary Fire place make over” for Signing that never happened. Major Reno with permits. Promised 8-10 week completion with many promises of “I’ll take care of that” comments. Now into 44th week we are stale mate and finally after so many month’s we decided to stop supporting Mastermind in their Mind games simply for our sanity and dwindling funds and constant ridicule from them “ Well what you going to do”. We’ve had so many deadlines (15 or so lost count) that have been promised and broke with no remorse. We accumulated 10s of thousands in additional costs as a result of their many delays, from having no Kitchen, Electricity, and Laundry and missed many memorable moments from June 2017 to today. We’ve had their sub-contractors walk out or not even show up because they have payment issues with Mastermind making us feel abandoned and humiliated. His pyramid scheme caught up to him, “new jobs pay for his current jobs” played out. His last 3 reviews is a good indication of a trend that Homeowners need to be mindful of. So many “under quoted” conversations throughout the 11 month’s it’s become a joke. Shameless transparent Contractor. Forced to Quote another Contractor to finish up his abandoned work. Not worth the wait Another Additional cost. Although we have been patient and supportive to see Mastermind finish the Job, we do not owe them much for us to be a priority. Out of the 114,000 $ quoted the now 140,000$+ bill only 3500$ pending…. So all their miss calculations and under quotes were paid as they threatened to stop work many times throughout the 11 months. His bullying ticktacks can only go so far. I’m sure these unprofessional tactics is his way of avoiding the deficiency fix’s and warranty issues. For the promised 2 yrs. (Funny thing he’s going into 1yr not completed, planned perfectly on his part). below is his last documented responses to my concerns…..Yeah Customer Service is at the top of their list.  05-17-18 “No response absolute silence from Owner” This after communicating with Project Manager who ensured me Owner is dealing with Sub contractor to finish job and will have an answer by Noon 05-17-18. Shameless!!! 05-10-18 “We have a different communication process. Your emails will be silenced!!” He Figured out emails are records so word of mouth can be argued in the future. 05-10-18 “Direct all conversations regarding schedules to him (Project Manager). Should you have a dispute you can feel free to escalate to me? I do not need to see group conversations”. This after he could not answer to his many commitments that passed numerous deadlines. 04-26-18 “Just to be clear in the meantime, there is no way we will be able to do any more work tomorrow at your home until funds are paid, we simply can’t afford to”. This after we explained we will pay 50% if only 50% completed. Consistently disappears for days on end with no communication. 04-26-18 “I’m writing you this email because I don’t really want to argue over the phone”, Contradicts his recent email dated 05-10-18 I wish Mastermind Construction and its crew a bright future and hope this, as well as the other reviews is served as a learning experience….believe me when I say “I’ve learned allot from this whole experience”….and yes it cost me too . The views and opinions expressed in this review is that of my own and is only intended for entertainment and educational purposes based on my opinion. It’s at the reader’s discretion to use this info.

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Great service with a smile. Came in with a list and Kanwal Ahuja treated us with the utmost respect. Felt important and he honored all requests. I fully recommend to everyone :)

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