We hired Marc to do a camera inspection of our swear lateral in our 100 year old home. Marc was very thorough and he did the work in a way we could observe what was going on while providing us with a detailed explanation of the situation. He took the time and care to answer all our questions and to provide us with honest feedback about the risks and what would be required for further work. Marc gave us a very cost effective solution, to wish we are grateful. The only minor difficultly we had was scheduling a time to meet for the work, but that maybe because of technological challenges and the company being in high demand. Horizon plumbing is very price competitive and we will definitely be hiring Marc again for future work.

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For the last few years, we have had the home heating plan that includes an annual maintenance as well as service calls in case of furnace failure. So far so good with the annual maintenance, and until recently no service calls were required. A couple of months ago, we moved to a new-to-us (but very old) home with an old furnace, and we continued the plan at the new address. We didn't know whether the furnace would work or not - appliances were included "as-is." When the first really cold day came along a few weeks ago, we had a "no-heat" situation. Called up Reliance, and they had someone there the next day, who was able to determine the source of the problem (a malfunctioning venting fan) and adjust it for temporary function until a new part came in about a week later. Second tech came in, installed the part, and did the annual check up and maintenance, taking the time to show me what he was doing (I'm interested to learn how things work) and also giving me information about some interesting new home heating solutions (also in response to my questions). Furnace works fine now, and we're quite happy. The only thing I would change about the Reliance experience is the scheduling window for the appointment. I think it should maybe be a 2-hour window rather than a 4-hour window, so you don't have to take a huge chunk out of your day to wait around. If that were changed, i would increase the rating to 10 stars. Thanks!

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Company Response

Thank you very much for your review and your valued feedback, Stefan! ~Haley