It was a project I had in mind for a while and was looking for someone who had more than a basic knowledge of landscaping to do this work. I didn’t have all the details ironed out and was looking for someone to help make it a reality. Salvatore from Lennox Pave-All was recommended to me as someone who was meticulous in his work ethics and provided the latest methods of construction needed to compliment the work and make it perform for years to come. Any materials found deficient were removed or stabilized and when required, subdrains were recommended to alleviate the hydrostatic pressures acting on the walls and pavers. I considered this as a once in a lifetime project and appreciated all the knowledge and experience he brought with him. His daily routine was always “measure thrice and cut once”, indicating he put time and effort into getting things done right with no patience for mistakes that would compromise the work. Salvatore was always keeping me in the loop, suggesting improvements or avoiding potential problems. He was always very respectful regarding my opinion and never taking over the project on his own. It is very rare to find people of this caliber and at such a young age. He definitely works as one having knowledge beyond his years. He always approaches his work with quality in mind and does not consider cutting corners as ethical and productive especially when the work is compromised by such methods. This means of obtaining work from others and jeopardizing the work/owner as the result is the problem he sees in his industry and what his “revolution” is about. In summary, I am grateful for the work performed and the quality achieved and feel satisfied that I have received TRUE AND SATISFACTORY VALUE for all the work performed and for which I hope to be around and enjoy for a long time. Congratulations on a job well done and looking forward to your next success!

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Company Response

Thank you so much Luciano for the kind words and all you've done. I feel absolutely blessed to have work with you. This was by far our favourite project and clients. You and the family treated us like one of your own and made this whole experience the most enjoyable. Luckily, it won't be the last time I see you guys. I will definitely visit. :)