Absolutely horrible service! I called Advanpro to take a look at my furnace mounted humidifier as it appeared to have quit working. Peter from Advanpro showed up and noted that there was a water leak at the connection mechanism from the bottom of the humidifier to the drain hose and caulked it hoping it would solve the problem. He said he would be back the following Tuesday to reattach the hose and hook the humidistat wires back up to the furnace. He cancelled shortly before his planned arrival time siting "a family emergency". He came by the following evening to reattach the hose and the wiring, stayed all of 10 minutes and even left his car running during the visit. Once he left, the hose blew off the humidifier and my basement was saturated in water. Texted him back and he said he would be back the next evening to attach a new hose. Next visit he comes in with furnace hosing, too big for the humidifier. Still not fixed and we are 3 visits in to a relatively easy repair. He came by the following Sunday (30 minutes late) to replace the entire unit and was rude the entire visit. His installation was hurried and it was very apparent he had no interest in doing a quality job. He tried to convince me that the humidistat needed to be installed beside the humidifier in the basement, which is ridiculous, it should be installed on the main floor by the thermostat where it can be controlled and humidity levels of the house monitored. When I argued this point with him he said he "had to make a call" to someone, and stomped downstairs muttering angrily to himself. Really professional.... The last part of the install had Peter running the drain hose for the humidifier to the basement drain, where he screwed the hose onto the drain cap and had the water running horizontally across the drain, soaking the surrounding cement floor. He assured me this is how drain hoses are installed, which is ridiculous. The hose he was replacing fit snugly inside a drainage hole prior to his 'expert' installation, why would he not install the hose the exact same way? Every time I challenged his 'expert' opinion he huffed and stomped around and appeared completely put out. Absolutely horrible customer service skills. When it came time to pay for this humidifier, he said if I have any trouble with it not to call him back. WOW. Again, really professional. Turns out the humidifier stopped working again the following day and when I called the Advanpro office to complain and ask for a repair person, I was told that they are busy with furnace installs right now and couldn't have anyone come by for at least 5 days. I would think this would be a priority considering the complete headache this whole mess has been. They said they would call me back with a time after speaking to the manager, and lo and behold, my phone has remained silent. Absolutely THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced! Oddly enough, Peter continually asked me to provide a good review on their website if I had a Gmail account - that is LAUGHABLE. Save yourself some time and money and go with a professional and competent furnace company!

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