I had the misfortune of inheriting a really crappy furnace and had to begin the process of calling around to various companies to figure out how much I would be dinged for a repair or replacement. Of course most places were roughly around the same cost as I discovered through call after call with disinterested, disgruntled receptionists. The reason I ultimately decided to go with Climate Experts was because when I called them up I was greeted by the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful person ever: Kimberly. Over the course of several calls spanning several months, during which I stubbornly insisted that my turd of a furnace could in fact be repaired, Kimberly was always available to offer advice, schedule service calls at any time, and always got the best technicians to look at my furnace. She was kind and empathetic, and made me feel like I was their most important customer. She always followed up to make sure that things were going alright with my HVAC situation. Eventually it became clear to me that Kimberly and the fine techs at Climate Experts were right: I had to replace my furnace. I should have taken their advice from day one, but at no time did they pressure me into a sale, or take my concerns lightly. Honestly speaking, there might be other companies out there that might have better prices or offer something else that fits your criteria better, but in my case I stopped calling around as soon as I spoke to Kimberly at Climate Experts. Their technicians are top notch and professional, their prices are very fair in my opinion, but the real value is the customer service. Thank you Kim, you have a customer for life!

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Company Response

Thank you Zaid for your kind words. Climate Experts will always be there for you anytime to help with your HVAC needs. We all thank you for your kind words and you have put a smile on Kimberly's face. She is thrilled to have been there from day one!

From the gang @ Climate Experts