Their scanning was fine, but by far the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Upon expressing displeasure with the information I received after the scan, I was chastised, yelled at, called names and otherwise verbally berated by LUCAS who I suppose is the manager?? Context: The night before the scan, I received a confirmation email stating: Metallic objects (BBQs, trampolines etc) must be placed at least 50 ft away from the building to ensure scanning can be completed. (I am not disputing that).... -I did move much of this away from the house to the back of the yard to accommodate. I had some remaining items under my deck which is part of an extension that was added on to the house. I acknowledge this and in no way was this an issue or disputed. ON THE DAY: -The moment the scanner arrived, I met him outside in the yard, wearing a mask. I politely took him to the back yard where I had questions about some remaining items. The 2 things in question were a camper I had at the back of my property, and items under my deck which were part of the extension. I WAS TOLD SPECIFICALLY that they didn't need to be moved because tanks aren't typically in that area. There was another table near the corner of my house that I asked about and he had no problem telling me to move it which I did. THE PROBLEM: -2 days later, I was told my scan results were inconclusive due to not being able to scan in the same areas I just mentioned. When I pointed out the fact that the scanner told me not to worry about moving the items during the scan because tanks aren't typically in those areas, their email response stated in part: "It's not particularly fair for us to send a technician and have them assist in moving the objects or having to adjust his schedule because the property was not prepared." -I pointed out the fact that they didn't convey any of that on the day. He didn't tell me he didn't have time to wait around while I moved things (even though I was ready to and easily could have and offered to), and he never told me that by not moving them I would instantly receive and inconclusive result......and he should have. I waited 6 hours for their "window" of service specifically so I could meet and make sure I accommodated as much as possible. The simple fact is that most businesses would go out of their way to accommodate a customer paying for a service.....not guilt tripping someone for assuming that some questions could be asked on the day. (especially when its $400 for 15 minutes of work) THE BIGGER PROBLEM: -The issue isn't the fact that my results weren't to my satisfaction. The issue is the conflicting information I got on the day vs the justification I got afterwards when I pointed it out. I expressed discontent with this. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE: This is where the issue really starts. To sum up a few choice moments, I was told: -Its not our job to babysit people moving stuff around their yard -Had yelled at me: DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT READ THE EMAIL -Was told: You can go to five other scanning services that charge 500 bucks and get the same result. -LUCAS resorted to yelling the majority of conversation, consistently interrupted me, and I heard him say to someone "THIS **** IS TALKING IN CIRCLES AGAIN". NEVER, have I experience anything like this from a company providing a service. At one point while he continued yelling I simply hung up. He felt compelled to call back and continue. I was literally beside myself with disbelief. This is a company PROVIDING A SERVICE???? Initially I was very respectful. I pointed out he was yelling and told him to stop. I asked numerous times for him to stop interrupting and let me no avail. In the end I told him to go **** himself and hung up again. I think the catalyst which set him off was the fact that I called the guy that did the scanning "some kid", which I didn't realize was actually LUCAS himself that did the scan..... which he angrily pointed out while telling me his age and experience in the industry. Great job Lucas!! A shining example of customer service!!

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The quality of their products are good, and our first experience with them was positive. However our second time with them for all our doors and remaining windows was very disappointing. Extremely sloppy craftsmanship, excessive caulking and filler used, and left for us to "clean up". The trim boards around our door aren't cut at the proper angle and leave a gap at the door jam, the board is warped, and we had to request someone come back and clean up the mess they left. French doors are difficult to lock, installer told my wife "you have to give it a tug to lock it". Also they need to be more thorough with ensuring customers have all relevant information and not assume we've visited the showroom and know everything about the product. Very simple things could have gotten them 5 stars instead of 2, but at the end of the day what we remember is what we see when the installers leave, and that was extremely disappointing.

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Company Response

Hi Chad

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback on your experience.

We take any feedback very seriously as it helps us to improve our installation techniques and services. We recognize your concern about the caulking and filler on the wooden trim surrounding the entry doors, however our first priority with all of our windows and doors is proper weatherproofing to make sure you get the most durable and long lasting installation possible. When you previously contacted us about your concern with the sealant and filler we sent a service team back to inspect these items for you. In addition to the exterior weather seal we also like to provide a tight seal for the doors weather stripping. When you are pulling the door shut and locking it, you are feeling the weather stripping compress against the door giving you the most energy efficient seal. With all doors there is some play with the deadbolt strike plate, which can be adjusted to make the door close with no resistance, however the compromise would be a loose weather seal and poor energy efficiency.

We understand that you assumed the entry doors would come painted, although there was no discussion of painting the doors or a selection of a paint color. During all of our in home consultations we aim to provide homeowners with as much relevant product information as possible, but we also provide homeowners with supplemental information through our detailed estimates, the estimates cover page, our door and window catalogues, our website, and our showroom. All of these resources particularize all components of our wide range of products and installs, and in this circumstance they all detail how all entry doors only come primed not painted.

We would like to encourage you to contact us if there are still items with your install you are not pleases with, as is the case with all of our installs we are committed to your project and would be happy to continue to work with you to find a solution you will be happy with.


The West Coast Windows Team