Had an inspection and 2 treatments to get rid of bedbugs. 6 weeks later and another infestation in one the rooms that the so called technician said there were no bed bugs. Had the same technician come out for another inspection and he had no explanation. Accused him of not treating the room and he just looked at me dumbfounded and said nothing. Called Orkin and a technician came out, told him about Marshall's job and he said there is no way the infestation could be like it is 6 weeks later. By the way, Orkin has a 3 month warranty. Called and complained but to no avail. They also don't give warranty. I think the omission of this room is to keep the bugs going so Marshall's can keep charging. My fault for trying to support a Mom & Pop operation. Never again. Rating is an abysmal minus 10 out of 10.

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