In the Spring of 2017 we experienced water ingress in several places within the basement of our single detached family home in Waterloo. We called up 6 recommended and highly rated Foundation Repair companies to have them come by to discuss our options and give us an estimate for the suggested repair work. Three of these companies sent their "estimate people" with their clipboards and measuring tape and all three seemed to have a "cookie cutter" "one solution fixes all types of problems" approach to fixing OUR problems. These estimates ranged from $800 to $7000. The other three companies sent people who seemed to have some experience actually performing repair work. These estimates included more in depth discussions with us and involved more personalized recommendations for the suggested repair work. These estimates ranged from $2300 to $16,000. The one we decided on was a plan that involves fixing known existing leaks and most importantly, keeping water away from the foundation of our house. The estimate included cleaning out and repairing a previously "repaired" crack as well as another crack in a different location using a polyurethane injection process, excavating and installing 3 window wells at the rear of our home, and re-plumbing our existing sump pump discharge to flow out into the back yard instead of the sewer stack (not to code). Future projects include repairing or replacing existing eavestroughs and downspouts as well as regrading part of our back yard to slant the water away from the house. The crew (Wesley, Ron, Ryan? and 2 others) who came to do the work were very punctual (all work done in 5 hours, project completed within 2 weeks of estimate given), very clean (all work clean and precise, all debris taken away immediately) and very friendly (everyone introduced themselves, used clean language and checked to make sure that we were happy with all work done when completed). As you may be able to tell from our review, we were exceptionally happy with the work done by Wesley and his crew at the Crack Specialists and highly recommend them for your foundation repair work. At the very least, ask them for an estimate (second opinion) on the work you need done and I am sure you will not be disappointed. Thanks guys!!

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Wow, thank you for the fantastic detailed review!! We are very pleased you are happy with our work. Thank you for the recommendation and for taking the time to post a review. Much appreciated!