Where do I even begin with this place? They completely ruined my grass. My entire lawn is dead because of their carelessness. The manager assured me that he would fix the issue without having to pay... after all why should I pay for dead grass? Soon enough a woman calls me from their office and begins harassing me for a payment. I told her very clearly that I would not be paying as the manager had assured me he would be taking care of it. Immediately she began threatening me saying that she would report this to the credit bureau.... What a joke!!!! I asked her who I have to speak to in order to sort this out and she said "Monica" would be the person I neeed to contact. I called back asking for Monica a bit later and the same woman changed her voice pretending to be her. At this point I couldn't help but laugh. Very unprofessional, unpleasant and untrained staff. Do not trust these people with your grass.

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