We recently completed a large scale residential landscaping project for the grounds around our home outside Owen Sound, Ontario, with the professional help of Hutten & Co. Land & Shore. The contract and plans were worked out over numerous meetings with Hutten's staff. These meetings included comprehensive discussion of applicable site factors such as grade (our home has a basement walk-out), groundwater drainage, and the surrounding farmland environment and sight-lines, along with detailed consideration of traffic flow and expected activity around the outside of our house. Hutten's provided suggestions for materials that could be incorporated in the walkways and steps, retaining walls and planting beds which would achieve the hardscape look we had in mind. We had a budget cap and Hutten's provided alternatives which gave us flexibility in the planning stage. This constructive consultation continued once the work commenced and throughout the project, both with office staff and site manager as well as with on-site personnel. During the course of work we made a couple of suggestions to save on cost, to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and to enhance the look - these were embraced and integrated seamlessly. Hutten's on-site staff carrying out the work were fantastic: attending daily with unflagging effort and pains-taking skill regardless of weather conditions from start to finish, arranging for delivery and removal of materials and equipment in a manner to keep the work flowing steadily and efficiently without clogging the site, and keeping us abreast of their daily and weekly goals and fielding our questions. Our project was completed on time and on budget and it looks great! A recurring observation from our family and friends is that the landscaping looks natural, like it belongs there, fitting in with the house itself and the surrounding environment. We definitely got our money's worth. The skill, attention to detail, and work ethic provided by Hutten's were top notch, and their open lines of communication with us left no room for uncertainty or concern. Hutten & Co. is run like a well-oiled machine and we recommend them without reservation.

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