Nov. 2015 I made a deal with Cambridge Windows and Doors and Slava to replace all the windows in my house. Windows were installed Feb. 2016 and were triple glaze windows and would be energy efficient. I have had nothing but problems with these windows since they were installed. The glass on two of the windows were scratched. One was replaced, the other was not as they had brought a window that was too small. The seal on all the windows are leaking and was told to send in a picture of the window which I did. Called on June 15 2016 talked to Max, talked to Ksenia July 11, 2016. Nov.28 2016 I received a reply from Cambridge Windows and was told they would give Slava the picture and information and would remind him again about the glass . Never heard from him until I called him early this spring 2017. He said it was to cold out and call when it got warmer out. He has made no effort to get in touch with me in regards to these issues. I called Slava Sept.12, 2017. He said he was to busy and to call on Sept.15, 2017. He had a message that said he was unavailable. I have called numerous times to no avail. The house is in the country and we were getting a lot of flies on the windows and the floors. I discovered they were coming in from behind the window casings as Slava and his crew did such a poor job on the installation of the windows and were too stingy to use enough spray foam to fill the open cavities around the windows. That is where the flies and the cold was coming from. I have just finished removing the casings from all my windows and re spray foamed them all as they were all deficient in insulation. This has been a nightmare for us. We are elderley and the stress of having to deal with this situation has been very hard on us. I would never ever recommend Cambridge Windows of Edmonton to anyone.

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