I have been looking to put a roof on for over a year and decided it was time to bite the bullet. Now where do I start? well I started on the internet and I started looking at roofers here and there and everywhere. Prices ran from $3000.00 from the guy that left a note on my front door and up. Then I decided to start reading some of the notes that people put on about different companies and what they thought of them. I Came Upon Roof Right Solutions and they seem to have a lot of people that thought they were pretty good. I read a few of the notes that they left and came to the conclusion that that's who I would use. Well I wasn't wrong that's for sure. I called the office and asked if I could get a free quote on my roof. The answer was yes sir and you'll have it in the next day or two. I receive quotes on four different kinds of shingles and I called back and asked about them and decided which one to go with. Veronic was the lady I was talking to at the office and I asked her how soon can I get it done. Her reply was we are very busy, but let me see what I can do for you. She said my roof was pretty straightforward and it shouldn't take more than a day. Veronic call back the next morning and said I have good news for you. The bin will be at your house tomorrow morning and we'll start on your roof tomorrow afternoon as we have a bit of a break and it will be finished the next day. Dave arrived about 2 in the afternoon and started stripping the roof and his helpers came later on that afternoon and finished off taking all the old shingles off and putting the matting down. They were back on the job at 8 the next morning and it was all finished by 10 a.m. By the time they packed up you couldn't even tell they had been here. Thank you Dave and Veronic and your crew are doing a wonderful job. Being I'm a man of few words, if you're looking for Top Notch Roofers give Roof Right Solution a call.

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Company Response

Wow! Thank you W.O. !! This is really kind of you to write a review from your whole experience and how impressed it seems you are from Roof Right Solutions! We try to please every customer -sometimes it is hard :) but we are so glad we could fit you in and complete the work in such short time. We were not the least expensive quote your received but I think you don't regret your decision. We try to price our projects as fair as possible and install to the best. Thank you again