After eight installed our carpet in our new home four years ago.There are nails sticking up on the edges of the carpet that hurt your feet, the carpet has lifted in several areas, and the weave is coming undone making the carpet look worn and fuzzy.A service guy came out to look at it and agreed it was bad and something should be done, but the service manager Randy was injured and would have to come look at it when he came back.Fast forward several months and surprise surprise no call from Randy.I had to call him and schedule an appointment for him to come out.Randy comes out and contrary to what his service tech said he claimed the carpet wear was normal and I should have steam cleaned the carpet to protect it .Then he continued with a bunch of nonsense that really didn't seem to be relevant to the issues I was having.All the while towing the company line, and basically stating After Eight wasn't prepared to do anything about the carpet.I won't build with the same builder again if After Eight is their flooring supplier.Substandard products and installation combined with pathetic service.

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