Precision Exteriors (Phil) painted my home in summer of 2015 using Benjamin Moore exterior paint that I supplied because I wanted a particular Benjamin Moore colour. At no time did he mention that any there was any problem with me providing the paint or question the quality of the paint. He told me the paint job would last 5 or more years. There were a few delays on his part but the job was eventually done. In the spring of 2017 I noticed the paint was peeling off the chimney in large strips. The house is a rough stucco so it should take paint well but I don't think it was prepped properly. I emailed Phil and he said he would come the following week to repaint the chimney and asked me to leave the paint on the porch. I took the leftover paint to Benjamin Moore to have it 'shaken' and I left it on the porch. Phil didn't arrive on the day he said he would. I waited a couple weeks and emailed again. He sent me a snippy email saying summer is his busy season. He gave me another date for fixing the chimney but he never came. I waited more than a month (until the end of the summer) and sent an email reminding him. No response. I waited another week or so before I emailed Phil again and received a very angry email that said I was blaming him for paint he hadn't supplied and that he had been planning on coming to fix the paint on the chimney but, because I had emailed, he would no longer come and fix the problem. Seriously?!?! My emails to Phil were reminders because he said he would fix it but never showed up when he said he would and never bothered to contact me. The fix wouldn't have taken him more than an hour and he strung me along for months! Worst communication and customer service ever. Do your research and get a painter who will stand behind their work.

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