The owner answered our inquiry (within 4hrs by email) into getting an estimate for a particularly small job of removing old sealant around a bathtub and re-applying new sealant (as the old sealant had mould trapped underneath). He came by to have a look, took down the job requirements, gave an estimate and booked a convenient morning (someone being home and when he would be available) to get the job done. There was very good communication throughout (email, text and phone calls). Extra care was taken to remove the mould (he even went home to get some additional mould killer at no extra cost) and the new sealant was applied evenly. I was very happy with the service, the courtesy and care taken to do the job well.

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Hello benny.thanks for your business and any time you need any kind off job,I am just a phone call away.
Thank you
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New Water Plumbing was listed as the recommended license plumber for my condo building. We had a clog in a toilet which I could not clear using plungers, drain clearing chemicals and etc... Calling them up, they answered and arrived to service the toilet as expected. The toilet was eventually cleared using an auger (toilet snake) and was told it was just a typical clog up of waste and toilet paper that may have been too thick for the flushing power of the toilet (Charmin brand). The entire process took 1.5hrs, which somewhat lengthy for a toilet clearing task. On top of that I was charged a rental fee for the auger. The fee was a ridiculous $25, which is about half the cost of one if I bought it myself. I agreed to pay because the job in the end was completed however I did not appreciate being told time and materials are charged when in fact I kept no materials. I'm fine with being charged the time. The plumber informed me that many customers have complained about the rental charge and that I should speak with the manager/owner. I attempted to call them regarding this 3 times and left messages and never heard back from them. I will not call New Water Plumbing again for my future plumbing needs. I will also make an effort to take them off my condo's list of recommended plumbers.

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Our dryer in our condo apartment stopped working and we were referred to Yonge Major Appliance for a repair. While describing the issue over the phone, it was obvious to the repairman that our dryer motor was dead (as it was a 20 year old dryer). We insisted that he come by to check out the wall mount and ensure that the dryer could not be repaired. I paid extra for this service visit however I deemed it worthwhile as a wall mounted dryer is unique and not an easy appliance to install. After the inspection, a new dryer was ordered and within a week it was installed (plus our wall mount was patched a little to give it more support). The entire process was smooth, no surprises and very good communication throughout. I'll be happy to buy future appliances and call them for repairs.

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