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I'm very happy with the service from Siena Flooring. After having issues with the previous company, Korey came to my house and was very professional and understood our need. Service was very good and done in the time they advised.

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We have hired Planit Builders to develop our basement, one of the owners came to our house and had a very nice speech and approach we decided then to close the deal. At the planning stage they were good, they would get back to emails right away and willing to help with any questions or concerns we had. Construction started late July and initial estimate was to be completed beginning of September. For the first two weeks everything went as planned, traders showing up everyday according to the calendar they put on their website, I could get hold of the construction Manager, then around the third week things started to go bad, tapers did not show up for 2 days and I've been told that they were on vacation, eventually they show up and did the job with some delay, same happened with painters, and some other traders. At this point it was getting harder and harder to talk to the manager, and we would get one trader doing something on a day for a few hours, then another trader would show up a few days later for a minimal work, and it stayed like this for a month with them giving all sort of excuses. I have reached to the owners, asking for updates and saying that we were very worried with our project and that frustration level was super high and have not heard from him or anyone. I decided to go to their office and talk to someone and found the Manager in there, he told to my face that they were fine and the financial problem was with a flooring company they use but they were figuring out. A couple days later after not hearing anything from anyone at Planit again, we found out calling the flooring company that Planit is struggling financially and not paying the traders. A basement that was supposed to be done in a month is not yet complete after 2 months of construction and they don't get back saying that they will give my money back or finish the work. Do not hire them for anything, they are probably going out of business soon anyways, but if they are still advertising and trying to get business please stay out of it.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review John. PLANiT Builders strives to keep our clients happy so we would like the opportunity to work with you to complete your basement. If you could please contact our Client Services at to discuss your project and concerns further.