Well let's start at the beginning. Booked a moving service with this company. My mother overheard this conversation. I've been phoning a bunch of other moving companies. I settled with this one, they ensured me my bedroom set would be bubble wrap and protected. I had precious brand new fuitniture from The Brick not even three months old. I even had the Brick come and fix a scratches and wood damage from the delivery. I Express this to James he ensured me that the move would be successful. I left out of town for work, I left my girlfriend and my mother too deal with the move. My girlfriend was really frustrated as well as my mother. I had to move from Coqitlam to Coquitlam. Inside the Coquitlam City, they tried to charge me $1,000 for the move with four movers, for 6 hours of labor that's outrageous! I have never in my life been charged that much money to move a 3-bedroom house. They went and damaged my brand new furniture after totally emphasize that had to be protected. I paid them $500 out of a thousand they tried to invoice me. I just returned back from out of town as for 6 days they have not returned my email. I am totally frustrated and my furniture isn't repaired and I want to discuss why the move took 6 hours to move a 3-bedroom house. Just a heads up this company is shady my mother and my gf is also going to post a review so please watch below. They had to deal with this issue so their story is accurate. I'm trying trying to get my brand new furniture repaired. He doesn't even have the balls to call me or email me back.

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