First I think Sam is a very good sales man, that said he this is a follow up review. He put in the wrong shower rod one he wanted to put in not the one I wanted I had to text him a few times before he replied. When Sam came to my condo I had a list of things 10 that needed to be fixed. I have attached some pictures, the inside of the door was very bumpy sam said most people don't want to pay to sand the door. all that needed to be done was wipe off the debris from cutting tiles I sanded the door and repainted it. Tile around toilet not cut right I filled it in with caulking. Also the 3rd pic shows caulking dropped on door frame not wiped off before it dried oh well no biggie said him I sanded it off and repainted. Scratch on tub he could get some one to buff it out but it may be more trouble? the only thing he said he'd fix pic. 1 as he left he said I'll call in the new year to fix this march 26th still no call , I'll bet if I'd taken his hints about getting my kitchen done I'd of heard from him. lastly the accent tiles were put in wrong when they were taken out most were broken I gave them 3 more to put in . I told sam I couldn't find the reseat for them as they cost me $7. each so about $24. he thought it funny as he thinks he saved me so much money. Really I paid him almost $13,000. and my son and I did all the demo we didn't take out the tub. I bought all the tiles for floor and around the tub plus the shower faucet and safety rails and the grout . So was I wowed yes that he didn't stand behind his work crooked paint lines to lazy to wipe door before painting it.

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Thank You for taking the time to write this review! We love our clients and do whatever it takes to make them happy. I remain at your service.