Buyer beware DON'T hire this company. It started off well the owner I wanted a fence installed Tyson came by to check it out. We agreed on 1050 with a 450 deposit. I gave him his deposit and that's when the problems began. Set a date for the Friday before Canada. We mutually agreed to change date to the following as it was supposed to rain. The following Tuesday he no shows. No call or text. Texts in the evening says he will be there the next day same thing. When you call him he doesn't answer. When I finally get him on the phone he agrees to give me my money back. He then texts me to tell me he will only return 350 and the 100 is for his time. He did return 150 but haven't heard back from him. If you're thinking of hiring him DON'T he is a very unprofessional and will take your money. I learned the hard way don't trust this guy.

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