Good guys - punctual, clean, and excellent work. I'm always skeptical when I use the installers sent by big-box stores (Home Depot), but this was a very good experience. Domenic was our installer... very patient and a great craftsman. Very happy with the job.

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Clearly, this company is doing something wrong - they have a 1.8 rating on this site, and an "F" on the BBB site. They need to manage customer expectations better, and they need to point out clearly what they can - and cannot - do for your yard. Foolishly, the Province of Ontario outlawed the use of 2,4-d last year. This is the most effective treatment for weeds. Ontario is the only jurisdiction in North America that has done this. Ther is no science behind this ban. Blame the latte yuppies in Toronto for this. My M.P. was uncooperative when I griped about this. His reply: Science? What science? As a measure of the silliness of this, farmers are still allowed to use the product. Question: If it is so harmful, why do the commercial growers continue to use it? I don't think it is possible to keep your yard weed-free as easily as you want it to be. If they were to do this, it would be at a price you would not be willing to pay. My yard sucks this year. I have decided that I should assume that the company will kill some, and I will have to do the rest. I have called them out twice already. The results were unsatisfactory. I have already spent $40 and three hours app;ying Weed-B-Gon. Their Rep and I got into an argument about their service. I wish he would have been honest enough to say what I have just said here. If you can't keep the weeds under control, just say so. Meanwhile - use some name other than Weed-Man. How about "Lots of Weeds, Man?" I'll probably try someone different next year. However, given the economics of the situation, I don't expect that the results will be much different.

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