Moved into a new build in Chilliwack, saw mice and droppings and flipped out. Called Pest Detective and they charged $200 for initial consult: guy came looking unkempt, tramped around with shoes on and left bits of insulation walking through, asked if we had ladder (to do his job) and left bait traps, 3 snap traps (1 broke in one day, another just now). Stayed about 50mins. For follow up I requested another person and specifically asked if they can assess and secure exterior entry points (which is what I prioritized the most). Was told they would be able to assess, and at the time of assessment do some sealing of entry points (if "easy to do" - person at office was pretty vague about what kind of work they could do sealing entry points). If they were to do so it would be $140/hour. The guy came and looked at how much bait had been taken, refilled them and looked around for about an hour. Had nothing on hand to actually seal possible entry points. Save your money and get your own bait traps, monitor their consumption yourself. No professional skills needed for those steps Their snap traps are cheap and the mice we caught were only with the better traps/electrocution devices we picked up ourselves. All I wanted in the first place was someone to assess and seal entry points. Not done.

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We are sorry to hear you had a less than satisfactory experience with our company. If you are open to discussing this in more detail please call our head office at 604-850-5551. We we happy to talk about it and hopefully resolve this for you.
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