I called ICE and spoke to a young lady on the phone about a strange scratching sound in my attic. Without coming to the home she told me it was 100% Mice and she would set up a "mouse treatment." A few days later a nice gentlemen came to the house and poked his head up our attic door and threw several bait blocks around the attic. He did not go up into the attic to investigate further. This is when I was told that it is company policy not to go into the attic... **But thats why I called/hired you!? I was then instructed that the "mouse treatment would take several weeks to work." One week went by and the scratching sound got louder. Two weeks went by and still the sound got louder and we were not sleeping... I placed another call to ICE to ask them if this was normal? The lady on the phone then wanted to charge me another $125 for another person to come to the house to do another inspection. I told ICE I was very upset that I would have to pay out again even though the first treatment wasn't working. They transferred me to a manager and I was instructed to wait for the original treatment to take full effect. 4 weeks went by and the sound was at its loudest. My wife then called ICE as the sound was directly above our bedrooms and was also keeping our 2 year old daughter up every night. ICE had no sympathy for us and told us to continue to wait. After watching a you-tube video on sounds in that attic I found out I had Wasps in the attic. The wasps were scratching/eating the plywood sheeting to make the pulp they needed for their nest. We called another pest control service and they came to the house for $90 and got rid of the wasps in one shot. FINALLY A QUIET NIGHTS SLEEP!! We called the manager at ICE to explain the situation and that we wasted $300 on a treatment we didn't need. I was told we would hear back from the owners about our specific situation... that was 2 weeks ago. $300 is a lot of money for our young family. I tried my best not to write this but I guess they don't care about customer service and I don't want someone else going through the same ordeal.

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