It's always risky to hire a company off the net. After we signed contract with Kennedy, we found some negative comments on this company online. At the same time, the project was delayed a little but I can tell it was due to the rain. We were a little worried before the project started. When the project started, we met all crew, Kennedy, Shawn, and Memo. They are all nice and friendly. After day one, we noticed the first step from the house to the patio is relatively steep, so we phoned Kennedy, he agreed to make modification, and he actually did on day two. We originally just wanted fire pit on patio and were convinced to build the retaining wall and pillows (Kennedy is a good sales :))After the project is done, the combination of patio, retaining wall, pillows, and fire pit, it looks very nice. It's worth it. The front of the house, we wanted a small curvy area extended after the steps of the porch and a long narrow extension besides the driveway. They built a bigger :) square platform. The connection of these two looked a little rough. We talked to Kennedy and he added a small curvy transition. Although the front is not exactly the same as originally planned, after Kennedy did the modification as we asked, it looks great, very functional, and we like it. The concrete slab shed foundation they did is OK. Something that may be improved: Not sure if the grass restore is usually included. We had to do a little grass restore work. Overall, they are great.

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Our house is a corner one. The job was done early this month. It's amazing. We tried to contact via phone at first while there is explanation on the website that email correspondence will be used. Probably because we are so used to the phone calls. We were told emails will be used. It turns out emails worked very well on this project. It happened that I had a work meeting comes up within the time frame of the original appointment with Cedar Guys. I emailed Matt and he replied my email shortly and told me he will make a note to his crew to arrive after my meeting is done and able to arrive home. Blake and other crew arrived on time. They are very friendly. They did awesome job, clean up the site, and watered the trees thoroughly. Very neat. They also gave me detail instructions for later. In addition, the took the wood box out for a reasonable charge and now we plant them on the other corner where we wanted. I would definably recommend them.

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