James and his team are so friendly and professional. They did an amazing install and have been so thorough in their work. I would highly recommend their services. This company definitely knows what superior customer service is, and they demonstrate this incredibly well. So impressed!!

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Company Response

Thank you Sara for the kind review and most important your trust in us all !Sincerely The JPS Customers Service Team !!


I heard about Zen Living through my realtor who had seen another client's renovation with Zen Living. I hired them to replace all the kitchen cupboards and countertops. Their first error was hitting the gas line with the stove. Their second error was installing a quartz countertop which cracked within the first month. After many phone calls and emails, both issues were reluctantly dealt with. Our quartz countertop has cracked again, and I finally had to ask for a refund because there was no accountability from Zen. So now I am left to fix the countertop, pay for plumbing and possibly a new tile backsplash. Save your money, time and energy and choose another company! The true worth of a company is how they treat their customers when something goes wrong, and Zen has revealed their true colours. They do not value you or your concerns, nor are they ever willing to fix issues as a priority. You will have to work extremely hard to get the renovation you are paying for. And in my case the job is still incomplete.

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Company Response

Hi Sara,

I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with Zen Living. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

We do acknowledge that countertop did crack, but regretfully we cannot control the material that is supplied from Granite slab supplier. When this initially happened, we did replace the countertop for you. Since it happened a second time, again we did try to remedy the situation with you, and would have covered the costs incurred with making this right, but regrettably you refused. As an alternative, you asked for a refund on the countertops, and mentioned that you wanted to get someone else to fix it. We complied with your request and provided a full refund on the purchase price of the countertops. In regards to the issue with the gas line, Zen living’s policy is that we do not touch or reinstall appliances due to liability issues that may arise. Whoever you had install the appliances would be responsible. Upon further review, you had been advised at final measure, that it was recommended that the gas line be put inside a cabinet, in order to have access to the shut off valve. Since you didn’t want to go this route, and the gas line had not been moved at time of install, we proceeded with finishing your install. We accommodated for this not being done, by providing a matching granite piece in order to fill the void.

As a company, we did try to rectify the situation to the best of our ability.