We ordered a sign for a family member who was born on December 9, 2010. Rick was awesome to deal with even when he received a million calls from my crazy family members. He did a great job that my family members called Rick up again this past March when my daughter was born. My daughter had some complications at birth, so Rick was called and advised not to put the sign up just yet as she was at Sick Kids waiting to have an operation. When everything was done and my daughter was healthy and able to come home, i spoke to Rick on the phone after seeing the sign and to thank him and he was just GREAT. When i first started looking for lawn announcements last year, the Stork Market caught my eye because of the donation that is given to Sick Kids because that is a fantastic idea. After my daughter was a Sick Childrens for 10 days, it meant so much more to me, because my family and i hold all the angels that help our little angels get better very near and dear to our hearts!!! Thank you Rick for an awesome job and i will definitely keep your number in my cell!!!!

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Carla Bella!!!
Thank you very much for the kind words. Having earned your respect to call me on two different Occasions gives me great pleasure. It shows me that you are happy enough with my service to use me twice within a few months. I have enjoyed meeting you and your CRAZYYY family,
If my number is stored in your cell, you can easly reffer me next time somebody asks "Where did you get that STORK SIGN" LOL.
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this fantastic review.
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