Well for starters. The day this company was to arrive they were 2 hours late and not even a phone call from anyone. But that's nothing ... 2 Young men showed up to my place of residence and all honesty I spent more time taking plastic off my couch then they spent spraying my apartment. I literally spent hours preparing for them to come and they were done before I had a chance to leave the property. Literally these kids were in my place for 5 minutes! They had told me that they only target the bad areas! Couch and bed. Anyway .. Even that is not the biggest issue! I am seeing 5X more bedbugs in my place than before they showed up. I am literally collecting these critters in a baggie. I seem to be collecting them from tiny Babies to large grown bugs.. The Hot Spot seems to be the Bathroom at this time. Still finding them in other rooms, Bedroom, living room. I was told I would have to wait about 4 hours before going back home, but the smell was almost nil , maybe 40 min and all traces of the smell was gone :) that was good .. But also tells me that not much was done! The service was not well done. Pictures of the ones I didn't flush or trash attached.

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Company Response


There was communication to your landlord that we were running behind. If that was not communicated to you then I am sorry. However, having said that the reality is that you are basing this review upon one treatment only. You are scheduled for the second one this week.

As well, if you were experiencing severe problems after the initial treatment, why did you not bother to inform either the super or myself??? We would have been more than happy to come treat earlier, however you did not allow for this possibility. As for the crew that took care of you, one no longer works for us.