This company is unaccountable and have a really unprofessional team. I had all my windows replaced in December on the coldest day one can imagine. I had to wait almost 8 weeks for this order to process and they finally came on the coldest day in December and left my place in a huge mess. In spite of me specifically asking them to complete the installation by November. I am still picking up pieces of plastic all around my house 8 months later. The installers were rude and ungrateful. We provided them with pizza for lunch and they still kept complaining about their job. Mike was the consultant who I signed the contract with and promised me that that would replace the windows with similar designs that I had in the front part of my house. When the windows arrived. I noticed that they were missing the design and when I called Mike, he promised me that he would take care of it. Every time I called him after to remind him he would say he would take care of it when the weather got warmer. However he just stopped picking up my phone calls and eventually his company also never responded when I left his supervisor messages. They pretty much gave me the run around and stopped taking my messages. Lesson learned this company and its employees are not trustworthy. I should have made sure that this was documented on the contract about the design as I totally got side swept during the consultation with Mike as he said not to worry he would take care of everything. He even assured me that he would be present at the time of installation but I never saw the guy. They have caused me and my family so much stress and regret. I do not recommend this company to anyone. I

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